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JKD offers high quality and affordable services to ensure that your landscape is properly maintained. Not only are we adept in the installation of plant elements and executing the design plans, we also see to it that the design is preserved even if your needs change over time. For your gardens, yards, or estate parks, our executive has been thoroughly trained to keep your landscape healthy, clean, and safe.


We trained our gardener how to work on the lawns and take care of the plants, JKD gardeners having the following skills – good practical skills, a high level of physical stamina and endurance to work in extreme weather conditions, attention to safety, knowledge of using pesticides safely and basic knowledge of gardening and horticulture.

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Usage of Electronic Lawn Mowers has been know to save a lot of time as well keep the lawn clean & Green. Also we can multi-task with different things.

Electric lawn mowers create considerably less noise, operating at an average of 75 dB, about the same noise level as a normal conversation. It’s so quiet that you can barely hear the mower while you’re working.

Electric lawn mowers are lighter and easier to use compared to bulky petrol lawn mowers.No longer have to push a heavy machine around your yard.


Electric Lawn Mowers are Fuel Free, Environment Friendly.

Garden Maintenance Work

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