Total Green Solutions

Green Roofs and Green Walls generally represent vegetation and growing medium planted on building rooftops and facades. We provide Planning, Execution & Maintenance of Green Roof & Green Wall to the greening of roofs, roof terraces, Façades & underground buildings.

With Traditional gardening and Urban gardening, we understand the importance of sustainable and Greener Environment.

We introduce our company as the largest manufacturer of sub surface drainage systems and vertical garden systems in India and offer a total green solution, right from the stage of concept through designing, final execution and maintenance of urban gardens... more


Green Roofs


Green roof infrastructure promises to become an increasingly important option for building owners and community planners. Green roofs can address many of the challenges facing urban residents. It is well proven that green roofs are an investment which provides a significant number of social, environmental and economical benefits...more


Green Walls


A green wall is a vertical wall partially or completely covered with vegetation. Similar to green roofs applications, green walls can offer considerable cost savings and cooling effect. Green Walls are either attached to existing walls or support or built as freestanding unit that contain soil or an inorganic growing medium...more

Garden Accessories

FRP Planters

Garden accessories manufactured by us, such as Garden Planter Boxes, Garden Edging Plates and Grass pavers enables us to provide a complete solution for any size of landscape gardening project.


Plastics Division

JKD Hortitech started its plastics division with  an idea of backward integration and starting its own manufacturing unit for sub surface drainage systems and vertical garden systems from the year 2008.....more


Nursery Division

Our sister concern companies Kumar Gardens & Garden Galore provide natural indoor & outdoor plants for outright purchase and hire – maintenance / rental basis.....more


Projects Division

Our parent company Little Woods has been engaged in the activity of garden & landscape development – maintenance management services for the past 40 years.....more


Maintenance Division

We provide comprehensive maintenance service for all the projects installed by us and ensure that the gardens are maintained properly for getting the maximum benefits to our clients....more

Green Mumbai
illustration : Sustainable Urban Gardens